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Guideline General Programming


Guideline General Programming

There are 2 very important principles that we want to use here in Uniweb. DRY: DON’T REPEAT YOURSELF’t_repeat_yourself KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! Those ideas are fundamental to provide quality and reliability into all our projects. We never work alone on a project so it’s very important to keep those concepts in mind Read More

Guideline PHP

Setup your server To be sure to know what’s going on with your application you need to be sure to see all the errors. For example if you try to echo a variable and this variable doesn’t exist, you should get a warning. Do not disable the error reporting to fix your problems 😉 Always Read More

Guideline Javascript

Structure Big projects with a lot of actions on the client side should use a specific library to organize the code, such as ExtJS, AngularJS or BackboneJS. Those frameworks will provide a front-end MVC to structure our application. But if you don’t have any MVC framework, here is a basic and simple way to organize Read More

Guideline CSS

The heading TAG Always use H1 for the title of a page, and then use the H2 tag to define major sections within an article, and the H3 tags within those sections if warranted. H1 defines the most important heading. h6 defines the least important heading. Remember that you cannot place the H1 tag twice, Read More